Java Basic Tools

These tools you can use when you are a beginner and you have little experience with Java.

Online Syntax Checkers & Compilers

Use these services to share code & try it without installed compiler:

Code formatters

When you publish your code or ask people on forums questions providing sample code you should format the code before publishing. You can do it manually by following selected coding standard or by using automatic formatting tool.

List of free tools you can use:

Learning programming

Tools below are designed for people making first steps in programming.

1) BlueJ - visual programming environment for simple Java programs

Additional materials:

2) DrJava - interactive learning environment

Desktop - IDE

Use these tools on a dedicated computer (own or at school).

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) usually include everything required to build an application:

  • code editor
  • compiler
  • linker
  • debugger
  • sometimes: GUI designer (via plugin or build-in)

Currently popular IDEs accessible for free:

1) Netbeans

Supports other languages too (C++, PHP, Groovy), best GUI designer for Java desktop applications.

2) IntelliJ IDEA

Fast and easy to use.

3) Eclipse

Very popular, one of the oldest Java IDEs.

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