Dynamic libraries & components for C++

Dynamic libraries allow you to load and execute code during run-time, conditionally, depending on current user or environment requirements. They are also used to provide 3rd party software vendors with API functions in compiled form. Can be used to integrate software build with different technologies or programming languages.

Tutorials - DLLs (Windows)

Tutorials - shared libraries (Linux)

Tutorials - COM

COM technology allows developers to publish object-oriented APIs in Windows environment.

Tutorials - DCOM

DCOM technology adds remote access for COM components.

Tutorials - COM+

COM+ is an extension for COM supporting enterprise components (like MTS - distributed transactions, MSMQ - message queues)

Tutorials - XPCOM

XPCOM is a portable object API technology distributed by Mozilla.org similar to Windows COM.

Tutorials - Plugins

Tutorials - APIs


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