CI for C++

Continuous Integration is used to automatically build whole software packages after changes has been done. It can be also used to automatically detect errors (during compilation or with unit testing) in code repository.

How it can be organized for Open Source C++ projects:

Status publication at GitHub

For projects published at GitHub you can use "" file to display current build status. This file is automatically parsed by GitHub as Markdown file and displays nice status information when you include the following:

[![Build status][Build status image]][Build status URL]

[Build status image]:
[Build status URL]:

Where "AcmeCorp" is account name at and "EnterpriseProject1" is a project name configured there. build configuration

Prepare config file, for example: GSL

More details: Building a C++ Project.

GitLab CI

Tutorials: Building and Deploying a C++ library with GitLab - Alexander Skiba, 2016 Automated builds for C++ projects via GitLab CI - includes examples for Qt & ARM projects

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