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  1. Diagram and Plot Drawing in C++


    Drawing charts and plots in C++ without GUI library can be challenging, but it's not impossible. You can use system API (like WinAPI) or third-party drawing libraries. With GUI library (especially Qt) it's much easier as you have in this situation portable window handling and painting device ...

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  2. Avoid NULL


    Null value (NULL or nullptr) can be used in C++ to indicate that:

    • value was not assigned yet (and maybe won't be assigned) or
    • parameter is not provided (pointer with default value = NULL)
    • result is empty (null returned)

    However such an indication can be verified or not. If ...

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  3. Functional Programming in Java


    Functional programming is a style of computing without state change effects. Similar to mathematics function execution, such a programming is easier to maintain and understand as you don't have to think what will happen with state of executed object. In Java FP became popular thanks to Java 8 ...

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