About this site

This service is a collection of resources related to programming - tools, articles, tutorials, papers. Most of these resources are free to use when it comes to price, but not necessary when considering GNU/FSF meaning of the word "free". Some resources are not free (compilers, IDEs) when they are important but no free option is available.

Site contents are not complete now - it's still under construction.

About Author

My name is Piotr Likus. I created this site to publish links I collect for some time now. I work as a technical leader & a software developer with some experience with languages: C++, Java, COBOL & Pascal, I also use occasionally JavaScript, PHP & Python.

You can find some samples of my code at GitHub.

You can contact me at LinkedIn or at Google+.

Used software

This site has been built with Pelican, static blog generator done in Python. Template engine that was used for this site is called Jinja. The theme is by Smashing Magazine, thanks!