Software bug

Published: November 29, 2014

In Glossary.

Software bug is a place in a program where program works in an unexpected way 1. Sometimes called "a feature" because it is a subjective term and it depends on what is defined in user requirements document (there can be a difference between what client/user expected and what is written in this document).

You can call it also "an error" but it's a wrong word for this term. Why? Early error detection is something very useful, especially in complex programs - you immediately know where is the problem. Error should not be avoided or hidden (search for "catch-all" error handling) but rather detected, reported and handled. On the other hand bugs should be avoided at any cost (to avoid them read resources below).

When you avoid even impossible-to-appear bugs or errors than it's called "defensive programming" but in reality it's just following Murphy's Law:

If anything can go wrong, it will


  1. when bug is expected than probably code has been written by burned out developer